Why work in the advertising field?

Are you looking to work for a rapidly growing company that is active in a multi-billion dollar industry?


0advertising1Are you willing to demonstrate you have what it takes to succeed?

Are you willing to work for a rapidly growing company?

Are you willing to making A LOT of money?

This year is going to be a fantastic year for the My Niche Search Engine team. We just started actively marketing our Niche Search Engines and we already have several of them sold. It is expected that we will have 100 more sold by the end of April 2015 and another 100 sold by the end of September 2015 and onward into a bright future!

What makes this most interesting is that after every 100 units are sold the price of the software doubles and so do the commissions. As the My Niche Search Engine network builds and our search volumes increase the value of our search engines soar. As a senior member of our sales team you will be instrumental in making this happen and you will be well rewarded for your exceptional performance.

0fast pacedThe My Niche Search Engine group of companies is looking for individuals that can handle a fast paced environment and the challenges that go with it. We are looking for people with confidence, drive and a willingness to work hard.

The job market is very tight now and we have received a lot of applications from people that say they are willing to work. We need to be very selective with who we hire and make sure that they are performance driven and are willing to show us what they can do and how fast they can do it!

2014 was a really tough year for many people!

  • Weatherford International cuts global workforce by 7,000
  • Volvo lets go of 6,400 employees
  • Ashland Inc. cuts 1,000 jobs restructuring
  • Novartis eliminates 4,000 jobs.
  • AstraZeneca cutting 5,600 jobs.
  • Sony cuts 5,000 jobs in its TV, PC, marketing and other departments.
  • Dell Inc., expects total job cuts to affect over 15,000 people.

Thousands of jobs have been lost and and make no mistake about it… This is an employers market. Pay rates are dropping and the competition for the remaining jobs is fierce!

If you want to work with us you need to understand what we do and how we do it. This starts off with understanding what a niche search engine is and how it works!

Review the Niche Search Engine 5 Step Guide

As you go through the guide you will receive emails that give more information about the products as well as show you the special offers that we have created to provide urgency and incentive for our prospects to buy! You are receiving these email as part of the five step guide. While it is not our intent to try and sell you a niche search engine, we do want you to understand how we are selling them. If you are one of our high performance sales team members and you did want your own Niche Search Engine… You would get it FREE of charge!

Once you have reviewed the 5 step guide you will be given my direct contact information. If you feel you have what it takes to excel at this position then use the contact information provided and CALL US.