Who wants to find a job?

find a job

  • Are you tired of sending out resumes?
  • Are you tired of searching online for job postings?
  • Are you tired of walking the streets dropping off resumes?

In 2014 tens of thousands of people unexpectedly lost their jobs as the companies they worked for reorganized, downsized, moved production abroad or just closed or became insolvent.

  • Weatherford International cuts global workforce by 7,000
  • Volvo lets go of 6,400 employees in 2014,
  • Ashland Inc. cuts 1,000 jobs restructuring
  • Novartis eliminates 4,000 jobs.
  • AstraZeneca cutting 5,600 jobs.
  • Sony cuts 5,000 jobs in its TV, PC, marketing and other departments.
  • Dell Inc., expects tootal job cuts to affect over 15,000 people.
  • EMC Corp. cuts of more than 1,000 jobs.
  • Time Inc., cuts about 500 jobs.
  • International Paper shuts down 2 plants and cuts 500 jobs.
  • GenCorp Inc. eliminates 225 jobs nationwide.
  • US Steel 175 jobs from operations in Nanticoke and Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Kellogg Co. closed its Charlotte, North Carolina snack factory and 195 jobs lost.
  • RadioShack closes 500 of its 4,300 stores.
  • Best Buy laying off 950 workers at stores across British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta and Ontario.
  • Sears Canada eliminating 2,234 jobs as it closes its Canadian call centers and reduce warehouse staff.
  • United Airlines eliminates 470 jobs.

The cuts are rampant and its not just here. It is a global issue! This has created an opportunity for those who are brave and open to earning money in new (modern) markets.

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