Solo Ads: How to buy leads for your business?

Every one knows that buying leads often results in increased sales. So how and where do you find those leads?

Solo Ads: How to buy leads for your business?

  • Would you like to buy good leads for your business and is it in your budget?
  • Do you know where to find a reputable lead broker?
  • Are you prepared to test many lead suppliers?

Buying solo ads or leads is a time proven way to expand the reach of your business and build sales. The My Niche Search Engine Advertising Network offers a multitude of lead purchase options for many different niche markets and the cost of buying a lead typically ranges from $1.00 to as much as $4.00 each depending on the type of lead being purchased and how close you are to the actual source of the data. The My Niche Search Engine Network offers discounts for larger purchase quantities as well.  The big problem with buying leads is that it is a recurring process and requires constant re-investment. Even with volume purchases you are still probably paying $800 per thousand leads.. Doing that every month starts to add up!

If I could show you an automated way of supplying a constantly increasing flow of leads to your business, that did not depend on third party sources and cost less then the amount required to purchase a single batch of 1000 leads… Would you be interested? 

(The guide will explain how the software works, how to leverage it to grow your business, and how to explode your earnings!)