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Powerhouses like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have become everyday household names. These billion dollar a year companies have grown to behemoth sizes, but are now beginning to buckle under their own weight.


“Google estimates that the Internet today contains about 5 million terabytes of data (1TB = 1,000GB), and claims it has only indexed a paltry 0.04% of it all! You could fit the whole Internet on just 200 million Blu-Ray disks.” Jun 23, 2011


As the Internet continues to grow at a lighting fast pace, the outdated search engine methods are technologically incapable of keeping up. 

Internet users and businesses are in desperate need of a more accurate and relevant way to search the Internet!

Introducing My Niche Search Engine . Now is your chance to capitalize on this brand new market! Profit from indexing a small piece of the remaining 99% of the Internet that the big search engines are missing.



What advantages does a niche search engine have over a traditional search engine?

The internet is all about speedy information. So it’s no surprise that nine out of ten search engine queries are for specific topics by people who want to find their information as quickly as possible. However, scouring for information using a major search engine often results in tens of thousands (to millions!) of unrelated search results.

A niche search engine improves upon this system in two important ways.

  1. It ensures that the information being returned is focused on one specific, highly targeted and relevant topic.
  2. It provides a more detailed preview within the search results. This makes it visually easier to find the correct data being sought, and eliminates the exhausting need to search through thousands of low quality webpages.

Of the Internet, it is often said that “content is the king”. A niche search engine offers the absolute best way to provide your users with fast, relevant, and accurate search results on the specific topic they are seeking.


Where there are People there is Passion.
Where there is Passion there is a Hot Market
Where there is a Hot Market there is INCOME!



Do you already own a business and need more clients to help make it grow?

Owning a niche search engine which is based on a topic that attracts your ideal customers can give you instant access to an enormous pool of new prospects for your existing business! Moreover, you don’t even need to have previous search engine experience. Our unique software will make the management of your My Niche Search Engine effortless, while we personally walk you through each easy step to getting started!

Do you want to start a new business? Need a job? Want to earn 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week, 52 weeks/year?

The internet never sleeps!

The potential to continuously earn money on the Internet is what drives some of today’s richest, most successful companies. It has already propelled numerous small companies to becoming multi-million dollar enterprises. People and businesses worldwide are constantly searching for information or a profitable place to advertise their products or services. Owning a niche search engine can enable you to provide these people with a valuable resource while generating steady income.


How does a niche search engine generate income?

The unique characteristic of a My Niche Search Engine is that it  is carefully designed to directly produce simultaneous income in twelve (12) different ways. Each of these revenue streams are totally independent of the others and may be sold to clients and members of the search engine alone or in groups.

A second and even more unique way these niche search engines earn money are from the rebates or earnings that get generated and are shared from corporate head office. The niche search engine is part of a group or network. The entire network generates revenue for corporate head office as well as for each of the other search engines in the group. A portion of these earnings are split off and shared with each niche search engine owner based on performance of both the engine itself and corporate head office. This creates another five (5) different streams of income that flow back to the niche search engine owner.

Want to learn more about how a niche search engine will help earn you money? Take the free 5 step guide here!  This course explains how they generate income, how they work and how you can get started and get one of your own.

For the first time ever, you can have your own niche search engine on the topic of your choice. Pick a topic that best represents the ideal target market for your existing business or browse our list of currently available hot-Niche Search Engines.

Each My Niche Search Engine is custom configured for your chosen area of interest. In addition it is seeded with enough data to get it online and it is customized with proprietary online applications that are in high demand within your select market. You must understand we have limited resources to complete all this customization and can only sell 100 licenses at this time. Don’t miss out! Once the 100 are gone sales are suspended and the price per license will go up as the network grows.


Now is the time for you to own the Ultimate Targeted Traffic Source & Perpetual Online Money Machine.

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